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Bitron C55

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UVC power
55 W
Suitable for ponds up to max. 60 m3
Suitable for ponds with fish stock 30 m3
Suitable for ponds with koi 15 m3

UVC clarifier with integrated automatic cleaning rotor for the quartz sleeves. Removal of floating algae and harmful bacteria as if by magic. The bypass technology enables optimised radiation of the polluted water even at high flow rates. Suitable for ponds up to 110 m3.

  • Clever bypass system combines high flow rates with duration of radiation
  • Permanent self-cleaning thanks to patented cleaning rotor
  • Highly effective against suspended algae, bacteria and germs
  • SELF-CLEANING: Highly effective UV radiation at all times thanks to patented, independent lamp cleaning
  • QUICK-RELEASE CLOSURE: For easy opening of the lamp housing. To protect against eye damage, a safety switch automatically deactivates the UVC lamp
  • WELL PROTECTED: 100% protection against eye damage
  • AUTOMATIC: Due to the water flow, the cleaning rotor is continuously and automatically guided around the quartz glass tube and thus prevents dirt deposits
  • INCLUDED: High-quality UVC lights
  • QUALITY: High-quality design with impact-resistant plastic
  • EYE-CATCHING: Visual function check of the UVC lightGUARANTEED: Includes OASE clear water guarantee (in conjunction with the OASE flow-through filters BioSmart, BioTec and ProfiClear)
  • INTEGRATED: Magnets for protecting the filter equipment from lime deposits
  • SYNCHRONOUS: Individual regulation of the water flow rate allows you to optimally tune the Bitron C to the connected filter pump