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AquaMax Eco Classic 11500

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Power consumption 100 W
Rated voltage 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz
Max. flow rate 11000 l/h
Max. head height 3.3 m
Max. coarse debris displacement
8 mm


The entry-level class among the filter and watercourse pumps: AquaMax Eco pumps the pond water to the watercourse, waterfall or filter system powerfully and reliably.

The large-surface wrap-around filter allows coarse dirt particles such as fish waste or dead plant parts up to 8 mm in size to pass through.

The pumps switch off automatically in the event of dry running or blockage, preventing damage to the unit. '

The environmental benefit: Thanks to the energy-efficient EC motor, the AquaMax Eco Classic constantly saves electricity – and therefore money.

These pump models can freeze in ice and snow without damage.

The hose connection is very simple: Hoses of different sizes fit easily on the special stepped hose connector and the ball joint can be swivelled to any direction required.